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Two new Turkish Raw Death/Black Metal band is released split album together. Hatevomit/Rape "Rapevomit" split cd is out now ! 

This split released in limited to 200 handnumbered copies only. Purchase it online via paypal directly from their distro Evilynx.


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The modern thrashers Sawthis, during this week, will enter at Potemkin Studios to finish the work on the new album, still unnamed. The band chose Paolo Ojetti as artistic producer, already at work on the previous album Egod. The guitar and bass recordings have been already completed at Underroom Studios.

Pictures from studio are available and weekly updated on the Sawthis facebook profile

Bukowski Family

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Notorious Deathsquad BUKOWSKI FAMILY streaming new song online "CARNE HUMANA" it's on available their website. Click here to listen it.

as BUKOWSKI FAMILY says "We love human flesh in all it's stripped down beauty, the diminished form of a creature once self aware. We honor our Family ways of expressing our unquenchable thirst for more, and the limitless ways to enthrone the essence of man."


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Selfmadegod Records announced the signing of TERMINATE from Morton Grove, Illinois.
The mission of TERMINATE is simple: to play death metal the way it was meant to be played. Taking influences from death metal stalwarts Bolt Thrower and Autopsy, while maintaining a melodic sensibility akin to Swedish greats Dismember and Entombed is what defines Terminate sound.

Thanks to their self-released Thirst For The Obscene EP in 2011, Polish label Selfmadegod took notice of the crushing act and immediately inked a deal with TERMINATE to release their debut full-length in early 2013, which the members are currently in the process of finalizing. More details will be announced soon.

TERMINATE was formed in late 2009 by guitarist/vocalist John Porada and drummer Jim Smith. After releasing their Thirst For The Obscene demo, the lineup was completed with Tom Cardella on guitar and Alfred Mulle on bass. Consisting of veterans of the Chicago metal scene as well as the New York metal scene, the band has quickly made a name for itself, catching the attention of not only within their home city of Chicago, but also a core of underground fans across the world.


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Italian blackened metallers Azrath-11 have recently finished recording sessions of their new studio album titled "Ov Tentacles and Spirals", to be released before end of February 2013 via Punishment 18 Records. Mastering will be made at Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Decapitated, Hellveto, Drunkard, Naer Mataron, Nevercell, Vader, Putridity).


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French brutal death metallers LIVARKAHIL announced the begining of the writing process of their third full length album, once again in the form of a concept-album.

“The concept and it’s shaping are extremely ambitious, and giving birth to it will be a long and difficult journey for the band. Eventhough we have a clear view of what the album should sound like, you guys will have to be patient, as we are hoping for a release on the Spring of 2014.”


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Swedish morbid Death Metal rebels NECROCURSE have named their debut upcoming full-length effort as "Grip Of The Dead".

"Grip Of The Dead" contains eleven tracks of uncompromising haunting Death Metal in true spirit of the ancient dark Heavy Metal attitude, and the vinyl version will include an additional bonus re-recorded track entitled "Souls Of A Thousand Funerals", previously from the "Shape of Death" MCD. 

The vinyl version for "Grip Of The Dead" will be a joint collaboration between Blood Harvest Records and To The Death Records.

01. Preludium Of Devastation
02. Necrocurse
03. Rotten In The Dark
04. The Devil Cobra
05. Ripping Darkness (The Destroyer)
06. Death Metal Rebels
07. Morbid Maniacs
08. Speed To The Grave
09. Grip Of The Dead
10. Coffin Breakers
11. Infernal Rebellion

Listen to the premiere new track "Rotten In The Dark", taken off from the upcoming new album "Grip Of The Dead" at the official Pulverised SoundCloud Page.

Defeated Sanity

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German progressive death metal behemoths DEFEATED SANITY will unleash Passages Into Deformity on February 5, 2013 through Willowtip Records. 

Recorded at Soundlodge Studios in Germany with guest vocal appearances by Frank Rini (Internal Bleeding), AJ Magana (ex-DEFEATED SANITY, Disgorge US), and Brian Forgue (Syphilic, Gutrot) and sound effects performed by Jon Engman (ex-Brodequin), the nine-track follow-up to 2010’s critically hailed Chapters of Repugnance will be paired with a bonus DVD featuring making-of clips, interviews with the band, and sick performance videos! 

Said the band of their latest output: “The album has a more old-school vibe to it, with a lot of early ‘90s inspired riffs and slams, but we made it a point to not get away from the technical and progressive stuff as well.”

DEFEATED SANITY offers up a taste of the sonic slaughterfest with “Verblendung” at THIS LOCATION

Here is the trailer for the film ForeBears by Marie CACHET and Varg VIKERNES. It will be available in English (subtitles, the audio is norwegian) on DVD from March 2013 ONLY on Amazon.

To summarize the story, Varg is thinking and discovers bit by bit what happened before. A kind of journey in reverse through time and in thought, to prehistoric time (about 30 000BC), up to a previous life when he was a little boy. Through what he lives again in this little boy, he understands the meaning of certain essential rituals of that prehistoric time, that still have a major influence on modern habits.


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The New Jersey technical death metal outfit COGNITIVE recently signed to Torture Music Records for the release of their upcoming full-length album, scheduled to hit stores in the latter half of 2013.

Formed in 2011, COGNITIVE are, despite their young history as a band, already a household name in the underground death metal scene. Having played in 11 states and shared stages with the likes of MACABRE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, WAKING THE CADAVER and INTERNAL BLEEDING, as well as self-released their debut EP, “The Horrid Swarm”, in July 2012, the band shows no signs of slowing down as of winter 2012. With their upcoming self-titled full-length, COGNITIVE will pick up where they left off with “The Horrid Swarm”, and deliver another release full of unmerciful technicality, pummeling grooves and vicious brutality.


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Selfmadegod Records announced the signing of Virginia based UNBURIED.

This brutal trio is set to release their new full length "Murder 101" on December 17th 2012. The album consists of 11 tracks of gore-filled underground death metal mayhem. UNBURIED is: Matt Pike, Mark Riddick (FETID ZOMBIE, MACABRA, GRAVE WAX) and Brian Forman (FETID ZOMBIE, GRAVE WAX).

UNBURIED was birthed from Hell in the year 1994 by Matt Pike-the main songwriter/lyricist for the band. In 1996, UNBURIED unleashed their self-titled debut cassette demo recording upon the international underground death metal scene, featuring the first line-up alongside Pike-Christian Taylor and Mark Riddick.

Since its birth the band have released two cassettes, two splits and one full length "Slut Decapitator" (2008).

Artwork and layout has been drawn by none other than Mark Riddick himself so you know what to expect.

01. Trapped in a Delusion
02. I'm Going to Fuckin' Kill You
03. Stalked, Fucked, and Buried
04. Abraxas Annihilation
05. Homicidal Sex Rage
06. Reborn Unto Hades
07. Impulse To Kill
08. Heartless Corpse Defilement
09. Witchburner
10. The Kidnapper
11. Murder 101


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After releasing "Songs Of Flesh (Part I) EP earlier this year inexhaustible Swedish maniac Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, DEMIURG, THE GROTESQUERY, BONE GNAWER, REVOLTING and more) strikes back with the debut album of his most recent band - MEGASCAVENGER.

"Descent Of Yuggoth" consists of nine Swedish style death metal songs that will definitely appeal to all fans of Rogga's music and Scandinavian metal!

More than that Johansson spews out his death metal dreams by recruiting the talents of some legendary death metal figureheads including guest vocals by Dan Swano (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH), Marc Grewe (MORGOTH, INSIDIOUS DISEASE), Jörgen Sandström (ex-GRAVE, KRUX, TORTURE DIVISION) and Paul Speckmann (MASTER, DEATH STRIKE, ABOMINATION) as well as guest solos by Patrick Mameli (PESTILENCE), Jonas Lindblood (PUTERAEON), Eric Daniels (ASPHYX, SOULBURN).

01. Nihilisticon
02. Descent Of Yuggoth
03. Smokescreen Armageddon
04. Catapulted Through Aeons
05. Void Of Damnation
06. Funerals And Ceremonies
07. Death Obsessed
08. No Haven For The Sane
09. To Revel With Vermin

The album is set for December 17th 2012 release via Selfmadegod Records


Goremented - 03/12/2012 Top // Metal Maniacs, in collaboration with Spain's NECROVEN, have released the band's demos in the form of "Perpetual Blasphemies," a six-track assault of uncompromising, mid-paced underground death metal. No frills or other bullshit, this is straight forward brutal death metal that is both memorable and raw.

Following on the heels of the band's debut CD, "Worship of Humiliation" on Spain's Momento Mori record label, "Perpetual Blasphemies" will make an excellent accompaniment showcasing the talents of the band's sole member.

"Perpetual Blasphemies" features cover artwork by Mark Riddick and comes packaged in a 6-panel ecowallet. The album is available now for pre-order and will be available globally on CD and Digital formats in mid-January 2013.


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French Industrial/Ambient/Black Metal band SPEKTR is to release a new album entitled Cypher on the 5th of February in Europe and 19th of February in North America on Agonia Records. 

The band commented: Six Years of burning visions for the Spektr to return wrenched from the hermetic silence of Initiated Temples .The Ectoplasm Cypher thus stands as the Stone-Principle emerging out of Philosophal fumes - the transcended transcription of the most sealed occultism on audio format. Spektr commits, Agonia endorses - I'LL BE RIGHT THERE IN THE AFTERLIFE - and we ain't going nowhere.

Successor of Near Death Experience (from 2006) will be made available as CD, Vinyl and digital download.

01. Hermetism  
02. Teratology 
03. The Singularity  
04. Solitude  
05. Antimatter 
06. Solve Et Coagula  
07. Cypher 
08. Deco rporation  
09. Le Vitriol du Philosophe 


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Norwegian Black Metallers ENDEZZMA have debuted their first official video. The video for “Junkyard Oblivion”, the opening track from the “Erotik Nekrosis” album and featuring guest appearances by Urgehal’s Enzifer and Beastcraft’s Sorath Northgrove, was produced by the Effektor Film Company and was directed by ENDEZZMA's frontman Morten Shax and R.M. Camera and editing are by R.M. Dedicated to the late ENDEZZMA guitarist and Urgehal frontman Trondr Nefas, the video can be watch below.

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