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''We have the honour to inform, that the support during Polish part of tour MASTER OF CHAOS TOUR 2005 the legend death metal MORBID ANGEL became the bands from Conquer Records - SUPREME LORD and DEVILYN. 31 March in Warsaw club "Proxima" will play SUPREME LORD meanwhile 1 April in Wroclaw club "WZ" DEVILYN will step out. We invite on concerts with all warmly.''

Source: Conquer Records


Goremented - 23/03/2005 Top

Turkish Ultra Brutal Gore Death Grind Band Cenotaph is looking for a label to release the upcoming 4th new album.They will record it in june 2005...

Website :


Goremented - 22/03/2005 Top

Turkish Melodic Death Metal Band Antediluvian's debut album "Antemortem" released from Extreminal Productions. Visit our Distro or Productions section to buy... "Eternal Invasion" from "Antemortem" is available on our Mp3's section...

Offical Website :


Fleshcrawl - 19/03/2005 Top

The new album of of french Deathcore masters ZUBROWSKA is ready!! "Family Vault" is the sophomore release that shows a vast improvement in the already original and innovative style of this band.

01. From Hell
02. Intro
03. Coved
04. Maniac Rockers From Darkness
05. Vampire Killin' Kit
06. Pay Toi Play
07. 'Cause I Just Can Love Some Dead Persons
08. Through The Sky
09. In the House Of Seven Deads
10. What a Wonderful world

Source: Xtreem Music


Fleshcrawl - 19/03/2005 Top

French Death/ Black mongers VORKREIST are ready to enter the studios to record their sophomore album entitled "Sublimation 29A". In the continuity of "Sabbathical Flesh Possession" it delivers 9 works of brutal Death-Black Metal inspired by revulsion and deviance, in criminal, demonic dedication to the destruction of obsolete and pernicious humane values.

Source: Xtreem Music

News from Goregiastic Records!!!

- Studio Sho has recently finished the artwork for the new CEREBRAL EFFUSION album and the result is just amazing!.

- Finnish gore/grind heroes TORSOFUCK are currently working on the follow-up to their highly acclaimed debut CD "Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy". This new album will carry a masterpiece artwork by Mike Majewski from DEVOURMENT and should see the daylight in Summer via GOREGIASTIC RECORDS. Keep checking back for more updates!

Source: Goregiastic Records

Rest In Gore

Fleshcrawl - 19/03/2005 Top

Sevared Records is pround to announce the signing of REST IN GORE (Japan) for a split CD release sometime in 2005. Ultra-Brutal Death Metal. Be prepared!!!!

Source: Sevared Records


Fleshcrawl - 19/03/2005 Top

JASAD has entered the studio to record their new CD "Annihilate The Enemies" for Sevared Records. Look for this massive Brutal release in about 2 months!!!!

Source: Sevared Records

''We have the honour to inform, that 12 March in hall the "Spodek" in Katowice will take the place 19 the edition of the largest festival the heavy metal of Eastern Europe - METALMANIA, which will last 25 hours and it will step out it will play on him 25 bands. In this year Conquer Records will be represented by HELL - BORN, SUPREME LORD, QUO VADIS and DEAD BY DAWN. They will play at side so well-known bands as: CRADLE OF FILTH, APOCALYPTICA, TURBO, NAPALM DEATH, ARCTURUS, METAL CHURCH, KATATONIA, DARK FUNERAL, PAIN and AMON AMARTH. In second scene will play different bands also: DIES IRAE, ABUSED MAJESTY, PYORRHOEA, MESS AGE, NAUMACHIA, DARZAMAT, HERMH, VALINOR, ANJ and THUNDERBOLT.''



Fleshcrawl - 17/03/2005 Top

INCINERATE continues to write material for their long awaited second release. The band plans to record this year for a late 2005 release date.

Source: Brutal Bands


Fleshcrawl - 17/03/2005 Top

Vocalist Uffe has joined forces with Stabwound once again! The 5 piece is currently working on their second full length release with the working title - "Gasoline Therapy".

Source: Brutal Bands

New signs and updates on Extreminal Productions...
Greek Pure Black Metal band Burial Hordes's demo "Mors Luminis" and the Lebanon extreme metal band Kaeton's demo ''Provenance of Hatred'' are due to released in Turkey by Extreminal Productions.

Impaled Nazarene

Fleshcrawl - 12/03/2005 Top

IMPALED NAZARENE live album ready!!!
Finally folks. IMPALED NAZARENE celebrates 15 years of chaos and drunken mayhem this year.

For details please go to band page or Osmose Productions webpage.

Source: Osmose Productions

Black Witchery

Fleshcrawl - 12/03/2005 Top

American Black Metal band Black Witchery's new album ''Upheaval Of Satanic Might'' is completed to release due to by Osmose Productions.
Note: Cd and Lp is limited 500 copies.

1. Blood Oath
2. Heretic Death Call
3. Profane Savagery
4. Baphomet Throne Exaltation
5. Holocaust Summoning
6. Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance
7. Darkness Attack
8. Scorned And Crucified
9. Upheaval Of Satanic Might

Source: Osmose Productions


Fleshcrawl - 12/03/2005 Top

Belphagor has completed ''The Goatreich-Fleshcult'' to be release by Napalm Records. This album is going to be another strong death/black metal massacre.
On a different note, BELPHEGOR's tour with Marduk has been postponed, but the Austrians have confirmed their second leg of the tour with Arkhon Infaustus.

1. The Cruzifixus – Anus Dei
2. Bleeding Salvation
3. Fornicationium et Immundus Diabolus
4. Sepulture of Hypocrisy
5. The Goatreich – Fleshcult
6. Swarm of Rats
7. Kings Shall Be Kings
8. The Crown Massacre
9. Festum Asinorum
10. Heresy of Fire

Source: Napalm Records

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