RAVEN THRONE ”I Miortvym Snicca Zolak”

Non Serviam Records – 2018 – Belarus

The Belarusan band/duo RAVEN THRONE are already old hands in the music business. Since 2004 existing as a band their latest trick is called “ I Miortvym Snicca Zolak“. It was distributed on May, 2nd 2018 via Non Serviam Records.

Atmospheric Black Metal which gives rise to mourning, rage and loneliness. The variable riffs blend with the hard double-bass drumming to a dark musical entity. Laced with bass lines which yet emphasize misanthropy and despair. The extremely emotional growls of War Head assimilate outstanding into the musical entity. The listener drifts here in pitch-black bizarre worlds of ice and coldness from the first note on. Thereby RAVEN THRONE doesn’t need any high-speed thrashing in order to give the main points. It is rather the skilful game of tempi which makes the difference. You can realize here in each note the professional musician who exactly knows his own mind. Professional recorded you should not miss listening to RAVEN THRONE. It pays by all means!!!!


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