Self Production – 2018 – Italy

The band ESERICHIJA COLI are from South Tyrol, Italy. A lot more is not known about the band. Except perhaps that their release is called “Diarreha Excretion Eins“.

The unusual band name and the cd’s title let already conjecture what will come next. Here is offered pure, genuine Grindcore to the listener. Short, fast songs (the longest song has a running time of 1:12 mins) which packs a punch. Hard and severe, with an awesome speed which leads the listener from one musical loping to the other. All that without a break! Incredible intense and with a lot of crash so that you don’t have any time for a break. This is surely intended. The all in all eight songs offer the sympathetic Grindcore fan everything he needs and wants. Without any excursions in other genres on purpose, you should not miss ”DiarReHa (Excretion Eins)“ by no means!!!!


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