Hello, would you please tell us about Dust Bolt briefly?
DUST BOLT is a metal band from the south of Germany. Coming from a small town called Landsberg am Lech, the four members started playing music together as young teenagers in school. Now, 11 years later the band is in their mid-twenties and has released 3 albums and toured internationally with bands such as Obituary, Exodus, Sepultura, Power Trip and more. The fourth album will be released in January 2019 and it will change everything. I promise.

Since the band had been established, members are the same, I think that you have a great friendship bond, am I right?
Yes, definitely. Absolutely no doubt. It´s been more than eleven years since we started playing together. We spent all that time together thinking of the band every single day ever since. Lived together, laughed together, cried together and spent all our freetime together. And we still do. Of course not on the same frquency as life gets more and more stressful and complex as an adult. But all in all it´s still the same and that won´t change.

The new album will be released in 2019, which label will it be released? Recordings, musical compositions etc. Would you please give us some clues about the new album?
The new album will be out in early 2019 on Napalm Records again. All I can say is, it´s gonna be different than what we did before. At the same time it´s gonna be more DUST BOLT and who are than ever before. I think we found our identy and now we really found out what we wanna do and how we wanna do it. For me it even feels like the first three albums were some kind of trying… some kind of searching .. and some kind of not being 100 percent who we are. But not with this one. I am more proud of this new album and all the boys than I have been on something ever before.

We are curious about the stuff that the band had done when composing the songs. Has the new album also been created by gathering whole band, or has the band members sent their own created compositions?
We like to make it uncomfortable for us. That´s really what you need to do in order to create art. Nothing good comes from a comfortable place. At least not art. I think a lot changed for us with the first US Tour we did. After the tour we had to reflect what we gonna do next and where we gonna go. And we decided to go for it.
So – I had a lot of material, songs ,riffs, ideas and lyrics in mind. But without talking about it, we all knew what we wanted to do. After the first US tour we still had many shows in Europe on our schedule. I quit my job and moved out of our apartment in our hometown right before the tour. In December 2017 we started working on the songs and somehow it was a difficult time. We put all that into the music. Flo brought in some songs and we scheduled the studio start to April in order to minimaze time, and create uncomfortable pressure. That makes you work harder, that makes you really force yourself and find out what you wanna create.
We finished the recording three weeks later in april, had 1 day off and went on 5-6 week tour to the US again.

At the first look, what are the differences of your “Mass Confusion” album between your brandnew album?
I´d say Mass Confusion was album of youth. It was our most punky album with lots of attitude. At that point we felt the need to break out, raise our middle finger and go fully crazy. The breakout of youth. Now, more than 2 years and many experiences wiser we feel a little bit more calm but more focused. That focus allowed us really to concenctrate on the music , the songs, the riffs and the grooves. That´s what the new album is about.

Who and what are your musical influences?
Anything from Blues to Hardcore Punk, from the 70ies rock and metal bands to Death Metal and back. Just anything with passion and soul and creativity.

Once upon a time you’ve said in an interview; ‘There´s nothing fake, anything you hear on the CD is a thousand percent DustBolt’,do you believe that you’ve found DustBolt’s own sound?
That´s our attitude. No Kemper , no plastic, no laptops on stage. The real deal.

We know that you like, what do you want to tell us about Donald Tardy from Obituary?
We love him. He such an amazing person and he taught us a lot. He supports us whenever he can and that´s something special and really rare.

What is your story/dream in starting music? Who is the person in your aspect of musical way? Is there any person out of Metal stage?
I don´t think there´s a certain aim. I think as an artist you just try to top yourself and redefinde yourself as much as possible in every step you do. Getting to closer to something you might call “truth” or whatever could be an aim of doing art.. hard to tell.
Oh yes absolutely. Me personally I´m absolute into the attitude of Jack White. Many people might not understand this, but anyone who spent time and dealt with what he´s doing might understand it. I´m also totally into blues guitar players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan or Hendrix. When it comes to metal, Ronnie James Dio might be the one above all.

Our new issue’s topic is “Modern/Nuclear War”. You have a song called “Masters of War” which you’ve mentioned that this is kind a tribute to Bob Dylan’s anti-war song in 70’s. Even though you have not written lots of songs on war, I’d like to ask you your opinions and will you write songs on this subject?
Well.. who knows. Not in particular on the new record , as it is more speaking for itself and dealing with what you might call personal things – dealing more with the subject of a human being and its meaning towards life. But who knows .. I miss the Bob Dylans, Janis Joplins and great musician like that from the 70ies who were taking a standpoint and speaking out instead of being afraid, inconsequential and apathetic like most of the popular artists nowadays.

In December 2018 you have Asian Tour. Dust Bolt is an energetic band who wants play all over the world, you like touring and having stages in different countries all over the world. Do you have an unforgettable concerts memory? Would you please share with us?
Oh yes we really do wanna see and play the world! Every show is special and unforgettable in its own way. We really want to play Turkey soon as well!

We appreciate you for the interview, as a last word, what would you like to tell to Kanli Teneke Fanzin followers?
Listen and bang your head to Holy Diver. Hope to see you all soon. Do what you love and fight for your dreams. No matter what other people say or think of you. Be who you are. Anything can come true if you really want it.

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