CEMETERY URN ”Barbaric Retribition”

If we turn the world upside down, what weird continent you would see upside on earth under that
down under island? Sure, if you are a flat-earther,I bet you have a confusion. Anyway, it was one of the
most isolated places in the world 100 years ago…Australia, in many respects, is still in one of the isolated
places as I mentioned at first but also has influenced the Rock’n Roll realm of the world with many
different bands. If the extreme metal music and weird kind of musical and mental works are our
topics about Australians, I can say that these guys wave their flags naked in front of the global
underground music scene. When I found out the Sadistic Exekution at a dark and forgotten time of
the 90s, I started to realize that attitude in the scene. Cemetery Urn is probably one of the most
barbaric bands that have emerged from the continent-like country in 2007.

These old schoolers that I met first with their debut album called Urn o of Blood in 2007 have
sincerely been around over 10 years but I had not heard anything about them until they released
their self-titled album in 2017. You can understand that they hadn’t slept whole last 7 years because
just after 1 year of self-titled, they have just returned with a new album called Barbaric Retribution in

Cemetery Urn composes of heavy, dark and faster doomy riffs, old-style barbaric kicks, blasts and
half-beat drums as their trademarks of the band. They play a kind of style that the scene calls
blackened old school death metal. In the past, especially in the first two albums, they played more
heavy volume, the mid-tempo songs that I usually identify or name it as the Incantationesque or the
Mcenteesque, here you deal with the trademark of old school doomy death metal in front of you
alive. They are still the same but in their last two albums, they have more dynamic and rhythmic
compositions. In this album, American style doom death parts are accompanied by more catchy
volumes and flat American death-black metal riffs and also in the old-style European black-death
metal style riffs that you can sometimes easily hear in the band’s songwriting.

Cemetery Urn is formed by the veterans of Australian underground from Victoria in the
southernmost part of Australia. The concept of the band, which touches gloomy reflections of life,
dictates alienated, dark, nihilistic and secluded points, has all the requirements of DM. If you love
dark, barbaric, nihilist and aggressive death metal, Cemetery Urn and his new album Barbaric
Retribution will be the right choice for you.


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