BURIAL HORDES ”The Termination Thesis”

Folter Records – 2018 – Greece

The Greeks BURIAL HORDES are truly no newcomers anymore. Since 2001 already active as a band they released in September 2018 their latest opus “The Termination Thesis“ via Folter Records.

The band doesn’t forfeit anything of its fascination. Dark, of unending hate and energy, characterized songs which don’t give rise to doubts. Emphatic and powerful growls mix with a pitch-black musical bog without any hope for cure or light. A wall of sorrow, disdain and misanthropy grasped in notes develops. Full of passion and intensity. Black Metal laced with death Metal insertions which are hard to outpace of hate. Thereby BURIAL HORDES doesn’t only accelerate fully. Slower passages which come in little short of creeping give on the one hand the listener the possibility to take a temporary rest. On the other hand, they reinforce the intensity and darkness. You can hear here in each note the professional musicians which exactly know what they do. The musical concept is dissolved here completely. Listen preferable to the cd. You will understand why!!!!


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