How are you, Igor? You have been in a brutal death metal band called Fleshgore for many years so how do you feel after all 18 years as an underground metal musician and dedicated main guy of Fleshgore?
Igor Lystopad: Hi! Thanx I’m fine and still looking forward! It’s very interesting to do music over the years when so much changes in the musical world. I feel it, changing, and make something new always!

Fleshgore is bloody active since you formed the band in 2000 and have been releasing shit load of good releases.Do you think that you get enough reputation about your prodigy from all around the world?
I think we havn’t enough possibilities here in Ukraine. Its very difficult obtain, but this is not best country for death metal music where we live. But considering all the complexities I hope band made the best reputation as possible.

You have just released a new EP called Godless after two years of your full lenght Denial of Scriptures.Would you like to talk about your last full lenght and new ep?
Denial of Scriptures is a huge release I think, and was released on Xtreem Music. Its a for true fans of old-school brutal death. CD contain 9 tracks and 1 bonus cover song “Gorging on Mucus and Bile“ of Pyaemia. I still love this band, in spite of the fact that this band has not existed for a long time. If talk about last EP GODLESS, that was our new quick-recorded release with new drummer before our european tour with Internal Bleeding. We decided to do this record in shortest time rates before the tour. Coz last CD was released in 2016 and we have to bring fans something new on tour 2018! So we recorded 3 news songs exclusively for this EP and added also 2 bonus covers on it recorded early but not released yet. It’s Morbid Angel “Immortal Rites” and Internal Bleeding “Despoilment of Rotting Flesh”. Chris Pervelis from Internal Bleeding was very happy about this fact and praised us. On the first show of tour he asked us play this song live. So we learned this song with our new drummer on first tour dates and after 2 rehersals at soundcheck we added this song in our tour tracklist for the rest of tour. We played this cover live together with IB vocalist Joe Marchese. Ha! That was amazing!!!

You are very systematic about your work and releases.You have a routine to release records like first/demo then a full-lenght in 2 years.What is the story behind this routine?
I always record demos! Its very important process. You can analize everything before final studio recording. This is my way.

What were you doing before you formed Fleshgore?Had you ever played in other bands or prejects?What do you do except Fleshgore?
Fleshgore was my first formed band! Now I have also another project with my good friends and its called REVOLT. Its old-school european death metal. Right now we are in studio and recording our first full-lengh album! Also another my good friends asked me join their band Mental Demise. This band must be reformed so I must help!

Fleshgore is one of the most active extreme metal music band from Eastern Europe and you just toured in Europe a couple of months ago.How were the reactions of the fans from Europe in the tour?Do you have a fanbase and start to be known better in western front?
Tour was amazing! A lot of shows and good people! Yes I meet our old good fans and friends on tour of course! Also a lot of new fans! Some fans said they were at our shows 10-12 years ago! That was cool to see them again!

Have you ever played in USA and American continent?Or Turkey,far east and Asia?
We did not play in USA yet but we have a plans about it. We played all over Europe from Ukraine till Portugal. Also played a tour in Australia. But no Asia and Turkey. But I hope somebody invite us one day. We will ba glad to play there also!!

What are your lyrical themes?What things do you guys like growling?
Our lyrics about bad things of this world: wars, politics, religions…

As I remembered from scene reports,you had some troubles in related with record labels for a couple of times about releasing your records.Would you like to talk about the troubles you faced to as a band from both underground and eastern Europe?
That was not a trouble. Sometimes labels become bankrupt. Thats why we need to search for new one. On my mind that was twice.

Fleshgore inked to Xtreem Music for the last full lenght.How is your releationship?Are you going to work with them in future?
Yeah, our colaboration is good and hope to work together. Will see!

Ukraine has been in a political chaos over years and now unfortunately İthere is a war in eastern part.How did this reality influence your musical life? How is life for you nowadays?
You are not correct about this war coz dont know so much about it. Yes its making some difficults for musicians here. A lot of good people stay there on other side of frontline. And a lot of good friends and musicians. Our drummer from that region. He was forced to leave everything and move to Kiev. Thats why we singing about it in our songs. We really hate this political shit!

What do you think about organized religions?
Its most stupid shit on this planet! That’s all what I think about it!

What kind of metal music genres and bands influenced you the most to start Fleshgore?
When I was young I started to listen metal and my first favour bands was Slayer, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse. So later I started to play guitar with my friends.. soon we invited drumer and started as band without name. Good times! But anyway music genre was death metal!

What are your plans right now just after your new EP Godless?Any new tours and shows or full lenghts?
We are realy busy now with new songs creating. We have plans record full-lengh material this year! And play huge tours on 2019!

Thanks a lot for your time and kind answers,Igor.For the last time to finish,can you kindly Fleshgore to our readers?Salute!
Thank you too! And salute to all death metal fans all over the world! You’re the best! Dont forget support your favour bands! Visit shows, buy merch!! m/ m/ METAL!!!

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