MALUM ”Night of The Luciferian Light”

Helter Skelter Records – 2017 – Finland

The Finnish band MALUM are heart from again. After their first full-length cd in 2015 (“Crowned With The Serpent Sun“) they proffered in February 2018 their second opus “Night Of The Luciferian Light“ to the sympathetic listener.

Here is celebrated Black Metal par excellence. Sogs like in the old age. Icecold and pitch-black. There are made no experiments which yet reinforces darkness and mourning. Here is rendered homage to the horned one hatefully. No more, no less. The emphatic growls give an extra thrill in terms of hate and anger. This gives “Night Of The Luciferian Light“ a very personal note which you don’t forget that fast. Simple, pervasive riffs which give rise ro a musical landscape of ice and hopelessness. Who seeks for innovative Metal is here surely wrong. For everybody else, listen to MALUM. It’s worth it!!!!


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