One of the revelations of the New Chilean Death Metal is SIKARIO, which have released their long awaited debut album NOOCRACY under AUSTRALIS RECORDS.

The young band formed in 2005 in Santiago, presents in more than 30 minutes a certain and precise hit in the balls for those who expected a monote and bored sound. NOOCRACY shows that the harshness and violence is a hallmark of SIKARIO, but is not brutal and senseless brutality, on the other hand the melodic and technical breaks will leave you wanting to listen and listen again to this new exhibition of brutality.


01. 144,000
02. Mother Wake Up
03. Human Nature
04. Purgatory is Here
05. Strange and Unpleasant Revelation
06. Disavowal
07. Vanity-Shame
08. A Deep Fog of Uneasiness
09. The Nihilist
10. The Next Level
11. Cannibal
12. Noocracy

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