Inner Axis – Evil Dead (Official Video)

Following their album “We Live by the Steel,”  the heavy metal rockers INNER AXIS from Kiel/North Germany have finally released their latest single, “Midnight Hunter,” through Fastball Music and Soulfood Music Distribution.

With the help of their first two albums, the band was already able to reach the finals of various contests, i.e., for the soundtracks of the movie “Punisher Warzone” as well as the video game “Brütal Legend.”. The song “Rain Or Shine” reached the finals of the official “Wacken Open Air Hymn.”. The band skillfully combines references to traditional heavy metal with modern influences and presents ten new songs, demonstrating a successful further development of their own “steel.”. In musical terms, Inner Axis respectfully approaches established acts of the genre and simultaneously goes their way. In doing so, a phat production pairs up with crisp grooves, heavy guitars, and hymn-like choruses, which are often enough embedded in epic “battle arrangements.”.

The album title “We Live By The Steel” defines proverbially the context, the subject being deliberately based on classic established heavy metal acts. Inner Axis already played gigs and supported bands like Iced Earth, Enforcer, Paul DiAnno, Portrait, Paragon, Seven Thorns, and Shadowbane and knew how to impress the audience. Now, the North German band is very eager to promote the new material live on stage.

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