Colosso – From Nothing To Nothing EP Review

Portugal – 2024 – Independent 

Colosso greets us from Porto, Portugal. I briefly listened to Colosso’s upcoming From Nothing to Nothing EP, which I see as a one-man project.

I’m listening to Colosso for the first time but if we look at their history briefly, they have released 6 full-length albums and 3 EPs. They debuted in the music market by releasing a demo in 2011. There is a photo of the band on the Metal Archives website but I don’t see any image in the promotional content I received.

Max Tomé’s compositions are quite brutal, mainly using growl brutal tones. But in the transitions of the songs, he has connected with clean vocals with a clean and pop-like tone. In general, it was an EP where I felt the death metal tones heavily. However, the band’s gothic rock signaling transitions are also noteworthy. Especially in Rebirth, you can understand this very well.

Bleed For All starts at the same pace. It reminded me of Katatonia too. In general terms, the band’s self-described style is ambient-death metal, but I didn’t see any ambient part. I felt more brutal death metal, groove metal, and light gothic-doom metal interactions. They already mentioned bands like Opeth, Hate Eternal, Meshuggah as FFO.

To summarize, Colosso is a musically experienced project, consisting of death metal songs with a depressive and dark side. You can also check out the band’s other albums at this link. Especially if you like depressive and brutal styles, Colosso is for you…


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