Sad – Black Metal Craft Album Review

Purity Through Fire – 2023 – Greece

Sad is just one of the numerous projects of Ungod and plays raw black metal. Their 8th full-length album Black Metal Craft was shared with the underground via Purity Through Fire records.

Ungod is an important name in the black metal underground scene in Greece, he has worked on many projects, demos, and albums, and he owns Metal Throne Records, I think he has a music store in Athens. He is important, working for underground black metal in general, black/thrash/speed, and especially raw stuff. He’s still making Corpse Paint and keeping the 90s alive.

Sad’s album is also a classic black metal album, you could even call it a raw black metal album. I got the Swedish Pest vibe, a clichéd sound with classic thinned tremolo riffs, aggressive screaming vocals, and flat drums, but at the same time impressive. Cold, but black metal like black metal.

Nowadays there are fewer and fewer bands playing raw black metal, this spirit is being lost. One of the important works that managed to stay old school in the black metal market has turned into an industry with more glossy, produced recordings, expensive videos, and months-long tours, even the cover is a classic…


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