Sacrifice Working Title Of New Album Published

Canadian thrash metal legends Sacrifice have been working on their first album since 2009’s The Ones I Condemn for the past couple of years, but guitarist and vocalist Rob Urbinati confirmed in a new interview with ‘The Metal Crypt’ that it is almost finished for a late 2024 or 2025 release. He also revealed Volume Six as the working title of the album and Cursed Blessings Records as the new label.

Urbinati went on to offer the following details, saying: “I think the track count is 11 songs. We are working on titling it ‘Volume Six’. It sounds like a Sacrifice record. There are elements of our whole history in it, and there are elements of our evolution. Compared to our last album it’s just as aggressive if not more so in some parts and there is also the Sacrifice light and shade in some parts. I’m not going to be the guy who says it’s our best and heaviest record ever, the listeners can decide that. We are proud of this album.

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