Cruciamentum – Obsidian Refractions Album Review

Profound Lore Records – 2023 – United Kingdom/United States

As you may remember, I made a video where I selected the best albums of 2023. I also included Cruciamentum’s Obsidian Refractions album. Although it was released towards the end of November, it managed to become one of the albums of the year with its quality. Death Metal band C.’s second full-time album “Obsidian Refractions” has sworn to make the ears of extreme metal music lovers bleed through Profound Lore Records.

The band, who made a name for themselves in the underground scene with Charnel Passages in 2015, plays old school doomy death metal. Especially with his deep brutal vocals, Chris Eakes really manages to pull the listener into a deep vortex. The musical structure is a strong unity of structure embellished with high volume guitars and plenty of deep riffs. The intonation of the drums and the vibration of the kicks create a serious extremity.

With a total of 41 minutes of swirling, chaos and the cool wind of death, the album manages to draw you in. The album title, which can be literally translated as the ruptures of the volcano, also manages to give the feeling of being roasted in the lava. Now you will say, how can there be both a cool wind and the blind flames of lava, you will understand this when you listen to the album.

Blast beats, tremolos, hellish guitar solos reflect the band’s musical technique very well. I felt a gloomy and complex atmosphere…Just as it should be, I’m sure they have a performance that will really capture the audience and make them go crazy…

All the tracks on the album are great, so I can’t make too many distinctions. From the lyrical structure, cover theme and logo, I think this is a band that will make you say “this is it”. I always find such dark and passionate works of Death Metal successful.


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