Fear Connection – Without Mercy (Official Lyrics Video)

Melodic death/thrash/black/crust band from Bremen, Germany, since 2016. This is the lyric video for their fresh single. The track will be included in their upcoming 12″ double EP, expected in May 2024.

Rolf (v) and Tim (dr) founded the band in Bremen, Germany, in 2016. A full line-up was completed soon afterwards with Naushad (g) as Fear Connection and later with Chris (b) whom Sipo replaced in early 2020. Two years of intensive rehearsals and live gigs followed before the first physical release was recorded and then self-released as the „Raging Terror EP.“. A professional video was produced for the title track in November 2018. The music of Fear Connection can be described as Death Metal with Thrash/Punk/D-beat influences combined with a touch of melody and hook lines. A perfect mixture for capturing live performances and also with audiences that are not familiar with the band. The music is very energising and intoxicating. And so will be the first long-play album, which will be released on October 1, 2021. It was recorded at the well-respected Soundlodge Studio in Germany by Jörg Uken in April 2020 who is responsible for the heavy mix and mastering. 9 songs that represent the band’s unique style and their grasp for catchy but brutal songwriting. As an appetizer, a single was released end of June 2020.

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