Persona – Animal Album Review

Persona is one of the bands I had the chance to discover at a local festival a few months ago. I can say that it was the performance that attracted the most attention among the bands playing at the event because they put on a very energetic and interesting show on the stage.

The band was founded in Tunisia in 2012 by guitarist Melik Melek Khelifa and vocalist/pianist Jelena Dobric is now based in Germany and consists of Tunisian, Serbian and German musicians.

They got the chance to share the same stage with big bands such as Myrath and Xandria in Tunisia, and they won awards many times in organizations such as “Hard Rock Rising”, “Metal Asylum Battle” and “African Rock Music Awards”, but mainly entered the European market with the Female Metal Event they participated in the Netherlands. Afterwards, they started performing in many concerts and festivals around Germany and Europe.

Their third album “Animal” has a creative sound that is a mixture of various sub-genres, so that you can experience many styles from extreme to symphonic scale in one single song.

The vocalist can easily switch between opera, clean and brutal styles during live performances, just like in album recordings. In this respect, the group is often compared to Jinjer. However, I think they perform music that is completely unique to them.

Although they are often called djent, their music contains symphonic, industrial, progressive and even thrashy elements. Maybe it would be more correct to name it as “djent” which has lots of modern metalcore elements with soft transitions.

You can easily access Persona’s works on platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify and YouTube. The band is strongly recommended for djent lovers looking for a different touch, just check it out!

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