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With long-time thrashers Hirax having a new album coming out this year called “Faster Than Death”, I sent off a few questions for Katon to answer…

Did you think in a million years when you formed the band way back that you would still be doing interviews for Hirax in 2024?

Katon: Back in 1984 I would’ve never thought I would be doing this 40 years later. Thrash Metal was a new thing most people had never heard of before a subgenre of Heavy Metal. Luckily I was there from the beginning…!!! And for me nowadays, it’s amazing to see that this music is still going strong after four decades!

There is more interest now in the band HIRAX than ever before….

Who is in the band besides yourself these days and how did you find them?

Katon: They’re local musicians from the Los Angeles, California area, José Gonzalez – Bass Guitar, Emilio Marquez – Drums and Percussion, Neil Metcalf – Guitars.

I have been fortunate enough to play with some incredible musicians over the years.

When I say to you that you have 29 releases out (I removed the comps and your new single) what goes through your mind?

Katon: I still have a lot of music to write and compose…. Officially our next album FTD “Faster Than Death” will be our sixth full-length studio release technically.

Keep in mind, our albums/records are not the easiest to find you have to be a diehard fan to track down our music….

What have been the highlights and lowlights of your career?

Katon: Every time we release new music that is a highlight!!!

The only low times are when we’re not on tour, I live for that I love seeing the fans and all the different countries and cultures….!

Did you have any major label interest over the years? If so, by whom and how serious did it get?

Katon: We had meetings in the early days with Capital Records at their legendary round offices in Hollywood, California.

They wanted us to write radio-friendly music so we passed on the deal. (ha ha that’s funny. A clueless label-Chris)

We have never been into watering down our music or compromising…..

Katon -Hirax
Katon -Hirax

What craziest places you have played live?

Katon: Pretty much every country that we have played in South America has been pretty insane. The shows are usually crazy and very loud. You never know what’s going to happen. The fans are very emotional….

Another territory for us that is pretty wild is Mexico every time we go back the audiences get crazier and crazier…..

When we play our hometown of Los Angeles the shows are nuts same goes for the Czech Republic and France (Europe).

Does it amaze you how the underground has changed? Gone are letters, tape trading, most underground record stores, and fanzines, to be replaced with emails, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc. Since we were both around back then, does it sometimes amaze you? I think a big part is the togetherness everybody had back then is gone. Agree or disagree?

Katon: The way the metal music scene is today is very different than the old-school days of the 1980s. The world has changed and the Internet has been a big part of it….

But the spirit and the love for the music is still the same. A lot of passion and kids/fans do whatever they need to do to get their hands on the music, I don’t mind Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Band Camp, Big Cartel, Spotify, YouTube etc. but it is also great to get your hands on physical copies of fanzine‘s and Magazine’s CDs, LPs, DVD and cassette tapes, etc.

Whatever it takes to keep spreading the music….

Are all or most of your releases still in print? Do you own a copy of each? If some are out of print would you like to see them get re-released?

Katon: Our records go out of print all the time, and then we repress them, Yes I do save at least one copy for myself of each release for my archives. The hardest record of ours to find is “Immortal Legacy” it is a German import, and is out of print.

Now you have some new music coming out soon. Tell me all about it. Is it a full length? Does it have a working title? How about who is releasing it?

Katon: Yes, our new record is called “Faster Than Death” (FTD). 9 songs eight of them are brand new it is a full-length album, and right now we are waiting on the final mix!!

Soon to be available formats: Color Vinyl Record, CD, Cassette Tape, Poster!

It will be released in the United States by Armageddon Label.

Please plug any social media sites you have. Plus any merchandise you have for sale.

Katon: All HIRAX Merchandise is available at the sites,



Katon, horns up for doing this, any last words to end this interview?

Katon: Prepare yourselves for the new HIRAX Faster Than Death album coming very soon… Concert Tour Dates to follow!!

Thank you for the massive support.

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