Cradle of Filth is currently in the studio recording some old-school influenced material

Keyboardist Zoe Marie Federoff has announced that Cradle Of Filth is currently recording its new album. This is exciting news for fans of the band! It will be the band’s first album with guitarists Donny Burbage and Federoff, who replaced Richard Shaw and Anabelle Iratni in 2022.

According to Federoff, the new record shares similarities with Cradle Of Filth’s earlier albums, Dusk And Her Embrace and Midian. It’s interesting to note that Ed Sheeran is featured in the new material.

“Tired AF, but feeling solid after day one in the studio for the new Cradle Of Filth album,” wrote Federoff.

“I completely agree with Dani’s take on this being a very Dusk/Midian vibe this go around. These new songs are so fresh, exciting, dynamic, and immersive- I can’t say any more except prepare to be blown clean away by a straight-up set of bangers. Bloody hell, as they say on this side of the pond.”

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