WILL CARROLL ‘Pleased’ With The Way The Band’s New Material Is Turning Out

DEATH ANGEL drummer Will Carroll says he is “excited” about how the band’s new music is shaping up.

Early yesterday (Wednesday 6 March) Will wrote on his personal Facebook page: “I’m listening to the latest DEATH ANGEL song that I recorded yesterday in our workspace and I’m very excited about the way this new material is coming together. The creativity is flowing and things are moving at a very productive pace. We’ll have achieved the goal we set for ourselves before the song rehearsals in South/Central America in April. As soon as the tour is over and we’re back home, we’ll go straight back to making these demos.”

“I can’t wait for DA fans around the world to hear this new material and hopefully we’ll make some new fans along the way. Exciting times indeed.”

Just over a month ago, Will said that he and his DEATH ANGEL bandmates were “working hard” to “write and fully demo” the band’s next album.

“It felt good to start working with [DEATH ANGEL guitarist] Rob Cavestany again,” Will wrote on 26 January. “It’s a real challenge not to repeat the same ideas and rhythms from previous albums, but I think so far everything sounds fresh and inspired.”

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