Gaerea – Mirage Album Review

I reviewed the Mirage album of Portuguese Black Metal band Gaerea, one of the fast rising bands of recent years.

Season of Mist – 2022 – Portugal

You must have caught this young band from Portugal at some point in the last few years. But let me tell you briefly about them anyway. Gaerea is a fairly new band that was founded in 2016. But they have managed to fit three albums and dozens of concerts into their six-year history.

Gaerea, who is one of the bands that has benefited from the post-metal-influenced and emotionally intense black metal momentum given by Mgla and some Icelandic bands in recent years, managed to attract me with their Mirage album.

Actually, the band made a name for itself with the Limbo album. I obsessively criticized the band’s wearing of masks on all my social media channels and even said a few bad things. Although the recordings made by the bands I criticized recently hit me like reality, I must state that I don’t like this image of the band. Mgla, Uada, Misþyrming etc. are just a few of the first bands that come to mind…

Now you’re saying, Cenk, wrap it up, get to the point!

As for the Mirage album, it would not be wrong to say that we encountered a high-level vocal performance, especially in a Gaerea video we uploaded to our youtube channel and Instagram account, the vocal friend (why am I writing it like that, because their names are top secret) was performing very well on stage. As for the issue of secrecy, it is really curious that even in Geara’s live interview with Rauta, the band member’s face is blurred even though they are unmasked. (Maybe they do it to get the word out)

Gaerea, in my opinion, is closer to the movement called post-black metal. I can say that they gave me this feeling with their emotional transitions, distorted arpeggios, and strong, painful vocal style, as well as the theme of their lyrics.

“TRUE” black metallers are against post-black metal. It is really unnecessary that this true-false conversation is still going on even though the year is 2022, but such a reality is unfortunately still in vogue and being processed. To return to the album, it is really quality work from start to finish. Groove transitions, sharp, cold black metal tones, distorted arpeggiated entrances with distortion that we are used to hearing in post-black metal, and a torn screaming vocal, of course, plus the atmosphere that speeds up in places and throws wood on the flames…

They are a young and successful band, but as I said, I’m a bit bored with the whole “mysterious” image thing. In the past, all bands used to do corpse paint, now everyone wears a hood and a mask and goes on stage. This is a preference, of course, but it’s getting boring!

The band shot video clips for 3 songs on the album, I don’t know if they will come to our country, but if they do (I used to think you would catch them somewhere, but inflation is 1,000%), I believe they should be watched.

I’ll leave the clips below…

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