REVENGE ” Behold.Total.Rejection”

Season of Mist – 2015 -Canada

The busy Canadian band REVENGE are already since 2000 musically on the road. In November 2015 they put with the help of the label Seasons Of Mist theit latest cd “Behold Total Rejection“ on the market.
The guys give all a piece of their minds. Death Metal mixed with the darkness of Black Metal. Played with an incredible speed so that the listener literally stays off air. Hard to believe that a vocalist is able to cope with at such speed anyway. Well, singing is indeed the wrong description. The growls which can be described little short of grunting fit in outstanding into the extremely harsh production. Played raw and simple the listener has here no time for relaxing. Extremely brutal songs which are presented primitive and simple. A tornado in musical form which pulls over everything which obstructs. REVENGE are able to keep the high speed over the entire production. Thereby the gents come little short of into Grindcore realms. Listen to “Behold Total Rejection“ preferably yourselves. It’s worth it!!!!


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