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Extreminal’s Monthly Spotify Playlist

Cover Band: Memoriam

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?Okkultist – Meet Me In Hell
?Souldrainer – Where Angels Come to Die
?…And Oceans – Within Fire and Crystal
?Black Lava – Necrocatacomb
?Memoriam – All is Lost
?Azaghal – Myrkkya
?Revolting – Master of the End
?Nocte – In Frozen Swamps
?Satanic Warmaster – Beserk Death
?Abysmal Lord- Satanic Return
?Misþyrming – Med Harmi
?Antipope – Hell on Earth
?Fortis – Fimbulvetur
?Rotting Christ – Moonlight
?Serpent of Old – The Fall
?Nothingness – Inviolate Viscera
?Temnein – The Architect and the Devil
?Sisters of Suffocation – Die Anyway
?God Dethroned – Asmodevs
?Grave With a View – Forever Worship Violence




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