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Extreminal’s Monthly Spotify Playlist

Extreminal’s Monthly Spotify Playlist Has been Updated! Here is the list for this month. You can find black metal, thrash metal, death metal and sub-genres in this playlist! Please follow, like and share with your friends!

Cover Band: Obituary

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đź’€Memoriam – Total War
đź’€Grand Cadaver – Serrated Jaws
đź’€Avulsed – Vile Evil Rotted Over
đź’€Frozen Soul – Arsenal of War
đź’€Blood Red Throne – Latrodectus
đź’€Hatesphere – Cutthroat
đź’€Speedwhore – Matriarch
đź’€Rotten Sound – Renewables
đź’€Runemagick – Endless Night and Eternal End
đź’€Omnium Gatherum – Slasher
đź’€Aara – Unstern
đź’€Immortal – War Against All
đź’€Nervosa – Endless Ambition
đź’€Sadist – Breatin’ Cancer
đź’€Overkill – The Surgeon
đź’€Devangelic – Udug-Hul Incantation
đź’€Dying Fetus – Unbridled Fury
đź’€Stillbirth – Autonomous Eradication
đź’€Trespasser – Forward Into the Light!
đź’€Thrashfire – Chaosbringer

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