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Extreminal Monthly Playlist – June 2023


Extreminal’s Monthly Spotify Playlist Has been Updated! Here is the list for this month. You can find black metal, thrash metal, death metal and sub-genres in this playlist! Please follow, like and share with your friends!

Cover Band: Vomitory

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💀Cloak – The Holy Dark
💀Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll
💀Necrofier – Burnt by the Sacred…
💀Enforced – War Remains
💀Frozen Soul – Arsenal of War
💀Predatory Void – Endless Return to the…
💀Tribulation – Axis Mundi
💀Blackbraid – Moss Covered Bones…
💀Cattle Decapitation – Terrasitic Adaptation
💀Tsjuder – Prestehammeren
💀Kataklysm – Bringer of Vengeance
💀Mork – Svik
💀Cavalera Conspiracy – Morbid Visions
💀Avulsed – Intergalactic Gore Wars
💀Nocturnal Breed – Knights of Denim
💀Ruim – The Triumph
💀Onheil – Night Terror
💀Metaforya – Mortal World
💀Fraquien – Misanthropist
💀Fen – Truth is Futility

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