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Extreminal’s Monthly Spotify Playlist

Extreminal’s Monthly Spotify Playlist Has been Updated! Here is the list for this month. You can find black metal, thrash metal, death metal and sub-genres in this playlist! Please follow, like and share with your friends!

Cover Band: Obituary

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💀Obituary – My Will To Live
💀Azaghal – Kaaos
💀Bodyfarm – Blasting Tyranny
💀Kromhiem – War
💀Shores of Null – The Last Flower
💀Tryglav – The Evocation
💀Schavot – Geestenrijk
💀Deviser – Death is Life Eternal
💀Tulus – Israk
💀Walg –  Daar Waar We….
💀Oak – Disintegrate II
💀Nightfall – Mean Machine
💀The Monolith Deathcult – Matador
💀Gra – The White City Devil
💀Revolting – Born For Butchery
💀Methane – Shock And Awe
💀Gorekaust – Black Lungs of Depravity
💀Bastard Grave – Necrotic Ecstasy
💀Hellripper – Warlocks  Grim& Withered Hags
💀Bloodjob – Nano-based Inconsistency


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