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Extreminal’s Monthly Spotify Playlist – November 2022

Extreminal’s Monthly Spotify Playlist Has been Updated! Here is the list for this week. You can find black metal, thrash metal, death metal and sub-genres in this playlist! Please follow, like and share with your friends!

Cover Band: Darkthrone

đź’€Darkthrone – Impeccable Caverns of Satan
💀Deströyer 666 -Andraste
đź’€Abduction – Kernos Crown
đź’€Ripped to Shreds – Violent Compulsion …
đź’€Morbikon – Universal Funeral
đź’€Goatwhore – The Bestowal of Abomination
đź’€Gaerea – Memoir
đź’€Bunker 66 – Mellhamer
đź’€Armed For Apocalypse – Full of Phlegm
đź’€Nordjevel – Twisted Psychosis
đź’€Defleshed – Grind Over Matter
đź’€Incantation – Pest Savagery
đź’€Power From Hell – Silence
đź’€Blodskam – Sharpening the Knives
đź’€Antropofagus – Hymns of Acrimony
đź’€Panzerfaust – Death-Drive Projections
đź’€Veilburner – Lo!Heirs to the Serpent
đź’€Exhumed – Drained of Color
đź’€Gutvoid – Coils of Gas-Hewn Filament
đź’€Ironhawk – The Final Crusade

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