Deathsters “LIVARKAHIL” from Paris/France preparing to release their brand new album “Signs Of Decay” on September 26th, 2011, through Listenable Records.
“Signs Of Decay” is a concept album based on religious autocracy with production handled by Hk & BST (AOSOTH, THE ORDER OF APOLLYON) and mixed and mastered at notorious Hertz Studio (BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, VADER).
LIVARKAHIL’s second album will please any fans of BEHEMOTH, DEVILDRIVER and ABORTED.
01. In nomine Patris
02. When hell is near
03. Quiet heresy
04. The end of everything
05. Art of bleeding (feat Franck & David of Lyzanxia)
06. …We hail the victory
07. Above all hatred
08. The flesh of all damned
09. In light we die
10. Heaven shall fall
11. Signs of decay

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