Joel Grind

Today, Hells Headbangers/Hammerheart Records announces May 28th as the international release date for the CD version of Joel Grind’s The Yellowgoat Sessions debut. The solo project of the selfsame Toxic Holocaust founder/frontman, Joel Grind’s The Yellowgoat Sessions bears many similarities to the early days of Toxic Holocaust – especially the Critical Mass demo – but goes down a darker, dirtier, decidedly more primitive route. The (toxic) result is 10 tracks of raw and fuzzed-out rock ‘n’ roll / metal / punk in the vein of the first Bathory album and early Motorhead. Says JJoel Grind, “If you are looking for over-produced shit that passes as ‘metal’ today, this is NOT for you!”.
01. Ascension
02. Hell’s Master of Hell
03. Vengeance Spell
04. Foul Spirit Within
05. Cross Damnation
06. Grave Encounters
07. Black Order
08. The Eternal One
09. Hail to Cruelty
10. Descension

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