Farm School Holocaust

Farm School Holocaust actually presents their new album NO HUMAN INVOLVED, produced by Mario Jezik 2010 at Noisehedstudios Austria, ready now to spread their music and craziness everywhere!“No Human Involved” is the first release of these 4 crazy young Spanish guys. This brutal mix between highly energetic hardcore and technical mathcore is going to shake as well ears and stages. 12 songs especially interesting for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Red Chord, Ion Dissonance or Psyopus…

01. After The Spark
02. A Gorgeous Rainbow …Smile…Destroy
03. Cake And Zombies On A Saturday Night
04. The Lion
05. Looks Like A Big Mechanical Penguin
06. You Are Laughing At Me
07. Mindgame
08. A Perfect Night
09. 35mm
10. No Human Involved
11. Epic Fail
12. Iron Storm

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