“Artık Gitme Vakti” New Single and Lyric Video From Den Siste

“Artık Gitme Vakti”, which can also be interpreted as Den Siste‘s return song to Turkish Depressive Black Metal, is on the air!

Dens Siste says:

“The most special part of this single is; Emrah Karadağ, the owner of the EZAYAH project, one of the pioneers and major name of Turkish Black Metal, who dared to make Turkish Black Metal and one of the first projects that opened the Turkish Black Metal flag, undertakes all the instruments.

On behalf of Den Siste and personally, I would like to express my endless thanks to my master Emrah Karadağ for his sacrifices without expecting anything in return, and I am deeply grateful to my master who gave my project the chance to have an unforgettable spiritual experience as the infrastructure signature of this work…”

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