“Death is Certain, Life is Not” New Single From Karanlik

Turkish Black metal band Karanlik has released its new single “Death is Certain, Life is Not” on digital platforms via Sathariel Records.

The cover design of the single was handled by Sazakan from Ohol Yeg, and the song was mastered by Semiazaz from Seed of Cain.

Ahraz played all the instruments and vocals in the recording. We also know him from the Cosmic Funeral band. Karanlik had previously released a debut demo, a long play called “After Years of Terrifying Silence” and “We Depise The Crescent” a split with Ohol Yeg.

Karanlik will release a new physical long play in 2022 and will be featured in a split album featuring Ankara (Turkey) bands.

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