Angstskríg featuring Attila Vörös – Skyggespil (Official Lyric Video)

After opening the door into their bleak world with debut single ‘Lucifer Kalder’, mysterious Danish black n roll band Angstskríg return with another slice of epic, dark brutality. Joining them on ‘Skyggespil’ (Danish for shadow play), is none other than Attila Vörös, (Satyricon, Sanctuary, Tyr and Nevermore) who has added a suitably aggressive guitar work to proceedings. As Angstskríg continue to prepare the world for their upcoming debut album, ‘Skyggespil’, will leave those brave enough to listen in no doubt that a new, dark and brooding force is coming…

Angstskríg about the single; Skyggespil‘ is both the title track and the album opener, so there’s a lot of pressure on this precious melody. However, it displays a variety of elements that are key to our eclectic, yet, particular Nordic flavour, which obviously goes perfectly with Attila Vörös‘ tasty Hungarian seasoning. // Angstskríg

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