ANAL BLASPHEMY ”Bestial Black Metal Filth”

This must be the most filthy band which Hammer of Hate has ,if you ask why, the frontman of this one man band is Molestor Kadotus owns the company itself. Maybe it is a weird point of view but imho there is no way to deny that this is filthiest band and man of Nothern Europe. Anal Blasphemy has been active since 2002 and this goatworshipping band refuses to be influenced by the musical evolution. When I first met them it was 2007 and their split album was Necrolust. Their 2009 album is a piece of cake to describe. Only read the albums name and that’s it. Beastial Black Metal Filth! Album is filled with aggresive, provoking propaganda. The sound is primitive and old school, and lyrics are limitless and will make many religous people go crazy and insane. Absolutely no ordinary music listener, normal people and kids must never listen to this album. Lets all hail to Finnish scene once more and leave this topic there.


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