Blood Feast is a cult band with their uncompromising brutal speed thrash metal vulgarity.They made a huge impact with their wild and true to the core albums and has been influencing the other bands and fans in the underground metal music communion from 80s to the present .Blood Feast returned to our dimension from beyond in 2007 and started to torment our souls with their new cursed tunes!I asked some to Adam and Chris when they just finished their new EP titled Choped,Sliced and Diced.

Blood Feast harvested all years later and released an amazing extreme thrash record in 2017.How was the process of writing and recording of The Future State of Wicked?
I never really stop writing. I had a lot of the material ready to go when we had the line-up change in early 2014. We started working on those tunes right away.
Chris: Writing wise like Adam said he is always writing. I feel like everytime I see him he has a new riff..LOL. Recording was a really good experience for me.Its always easy with CJ at the board and the band cheering me on. Plus they are always pushing me to do my best.

How did you guys reform Blood Feast?
We started playing shows on a semi-regular basis in 2010, when we were asked to play at Headbangers Open Air. But we became a true band again once the Future State line-up was ready to go.

How were the reactions from press and fans after the release of The Future State of Wicked
Most of TheReviews were very positive. We are very happy that so many like it.
Chris: We feel very lucky that there was so many positive reviews. And you always worry about what the fans will think especially because it was so long since the last recording.
We feel blessed for sure.

Are you still working on new EP? What is the release date ?
It actually is all done, and the release date is 12/21/2018 on Hells Headbangers.

What kind of tunes and song writing should fans expect from you with this upcoming EP and album? Do you have any plans for a full-lenght in 2019?
The EP has one new song ("Concubine") and 3 re-recorded classic tracks. The CD and cassette have one additional re-recorded song and one live song from Osaka, Japan.
As for the next album, the songs are nearly ready. We started the demo process last month. And will be working hard on the next one.

What are the lyrical concepts in your 2017 comeback album?
Chris: It was the usual Blood Feast ideas. Gore & Satan & violence mixed with the usual thrash craziness that comes with a Blood Feast record.

Blood Feast has been seemed really busy with live shows through 2017-2018. What shows were the best in 2018?
The best show of 2018 for me may have been the 2nd night of the True Thrash Fest in Osaka.
Chris: For me Besides Japan of course was the 2 days we did with Deceased in California. Just a great time and good shows with a ton of laughs.

Do you have a plan to come over Europe for special gigs or full-tour which I and other fans from Europe have been looking for over years?
Yes, we're already working on some shows in Europe for 2019. We cant really say exactly where right now but we have some upcoming dates..stay tuned.

How do you define Blood Feast about theme related issues? Any touch of reality?
Our lyrics are works of fiction. But gory, violent fiction.
Chris: We dont really have to much reality in our lyrics. Maybe a song or two but, mostly just plain old evil violence!

As a common reality,there is no or less money in underground metal music.All you have full time works and families in NJ.How can you handle with life and music business together?
Do it because you love it.We all have full time jobs and families. so we do what we can when and if we can.
Chris: Its not about making money. If it was we would have called it quits years ago. Its about the music and connecting with people over a passion for metal. Like I always say onstage
Life is hard enough..lets leave your problmes at the door..scream,bang your head and lets have a good time. Do NOT EVER do it for money. Do it for the love of creating music.

What did you think about death metal and black metal had just come to light in metal music scene in the second part of 80’s and in the begining of 90’s?
Chris: It helps everybody when metal bands come to light. The one thing about metal fans is when they discover a band they love they pass it on so the scene grows.

What things have been changed for the sound and song style of Blood Feast over years?Can you compare your songwriting and band sound with your past and present?
For me, whatever comes out comes out. If it doesn't fit Blood Feast then I scrap it. CJ's songs are a bit different, there's more influences seeping through.
Chris: Adam has this amazing ability to write a riff that always sounds (to me) like classic BF. We try to keep the old ideas of the classic BF but, at the same time you have tomature as a writer.Its a crazy balance thats not always easy.

Thank you for your time and kind answers.As a last one,can you tell us about your future plans?
New EP, then a new album. Lots of shows. Thrashing 'til death. And drink the blood of every corpse!!
Chris: Hopefully get to meet some more fans we havent met yet and continue thrashing all over the world!!Thank you my friend.

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