Watch The New Katapult’s Video “Nihilism for the Gods”

Katapult's video for "Nihilism for the Gods" from the upcoming album "Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes".

Info About Band

Death/thrash metal outfit Katapult is set to release their debut album, Play Stupid Games, on November 25th via Discouraged Records. The group was formed in a backstage area in Sweden during the summer of 2017 by Florian Moritz and Johan Norström. After five years of setting their blistering tone, the band’s upcoming album will showcase their style filled with rage, sorrow and dark emotions. “Nihilism for the Gods” is the first single off said album.

“As I recall, Nihilism was a bitch to track, and for a long time, I more or less despised the song because of that. I never thought of it as a single, but everyone around me claimed it was. Not until I finished the video, leaned back and watched it in a relaxed manner did I understand why, and now I’m extremely happy with the choice.” – Johan Norström, vocals

“Nihilism started as a song about total exhaustion from fighting your everyday battles and being vulnerable. Then it turned into something bigger about the Human duality and sheer disgust of people’s behaviour and how the big picture is connected to our very own and personal battles we have each day.” – Florian, Guitars

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