New Video From Melodic Death Metal Band Parasite Inc. “Cyan Night Dreams”

Official title track video "Cyan Night Dreams" from their upcoming album out on August 19th, 2022.

Band Info 

In 2022 AD, PARASITE INC. present itself in a sound robe that is equally harder as it is softer, faster and slower at the same time – more modern and yet again more “80s” than ever before! Such musical contrasts are no novelty for PARASITE INC., though: After all, the Swabians have been surprising the world again and again with their somewhat different interpretation of the Melodic Death Metal genre since the inception of their career.

Since their formation in 2007, the four-piece from Aalen has been able to continuously expand their fanbase after an internationally extremely convincing demo, two studio albums, as well as a live record, which has been reflected both in front of the stage as well as in the responses to recent releases: As a result of captivating live performances domestically in Germany as well as broader Europe, combined with a conscious breaking of genre boundaries, the very second full-length output “Dead and Alive” climbed to #33 in the official German album charts in 2018!

Building on this successful foundation, ten songs were created during the pandemic in the band’s own studio under the title “Cyan Night Dreams”, which yet again showcase a consistent musical development towards an even more independent sound. The result is a varied album, which comes across as fiercer and more aggressive than its predecessor, but at the same time brings the melodic facets of the band to the surface even more and consistently refines the band’s unique sound and trademark.

From songwriting to production, to graphic design, the German melodeathers once again developed an overall concept that perfectly reflects the dark mood of the songs. The album was mixed and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg and Seb Monzel (known for their internationally renowned mastering work with i.g. Eskimo Callboy, and August Burns Red, to name but a few) at Pitchback Studios, were the last studio album, as well as the live concert album, had been refined. The album was supported by the Initiative Musik as part of the “Neustart-Kultur-Programm”.

“Cyan Night Dreams” will see the light of day on August 19, 2022, via Reaper Entertainment. An event that will be celebrated on the same day at the Summer Breeze Open Air in Dinkelsbühl with a befitting release show! Diversified, catchy and with new, unexpected sound elements, but still 100% PARASITE INC.!


Kai Bigler – Vocs / Guitar

Dominik Sorg – Guitar

Benjamin Stelzer – Drums

Lucien Mosesku – Bass

Band Commented About This Video

‘Cyan Night Dream’ is somehow a tribute to our childhood & youth (since we were born in the early 80ties). It’s full of melodies, synths and a lot of references to what we loved to listen to in our youth, but on the other hand, this song has the deepest guitars we’ve ever used and it’s still fast and angry.

For us, this is one of our most important songs and it took us almost two years to make it as perfect as possible, not caring a bit, if it really would fit the Parasite Inc. style at all in the end. It’s a special song for us, and, even though it has some new and maybe unexpected elements, never heard in our songs yet, it turned out to be 100% Parasite Inc.

‘Cyan Night Dreams’ is a song to listen to with the volume turned up to 11, driving through hot summer nights.

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