Titans – King Of Misery

Deriving from Belgium and the Netherlands, six-piece metalcore unit Titans have released their aggressively-charged new video/single “King Of Misery.” “King Of Misery” marks the band’s first release since their 2020 single “July,” but will live as a 5-track collection spread across the next several months. Led by the group’s intricate guitar work, kick-to-the-throat drums, and lead vocalist Sean Bals’ stampede of growls and clean vocal layering, “King Of Misery” highlights a pattern of self-destruction and self-hate while offering a message to embrace who you are and to be proud of your accomplishments, regardless of how trivial they may appear.

“The song is all about how it is much easier to hate yourself than to be proud of yourself because people tend to focus on the negatives in life,” the band shares. “By bringing this topic to light, we want to highlight this notion to get people to be proud of who they are.”

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