Another Now – Hex (Music Video)

Metalcore, a piece by another company from Eindhoven, has announced their brand new album, ‘HEX’. The album is out on May 22, 2024, and includes previously released singles BREATHE DOUBT and SMILE!

Speaking about the new album, vocalist Stef Rikken said, “The record delves into the unpredictable experiences as individuals within the band. One moment, we’re riding high, feeling on top of the world, and in the blink of an eye, self-doubt and anger creep in. Within the band, we developed a powerful vision and drive to navigate through the most challenging times.

This record symbolises the liberation from the curse and the rediscovery of the fire within ourselves.” To celebrate the announcement, the band has released a video of the title track of the album. The video tells a sci-fi horror story about the awakening of an unstoppable evil and was directed by Witzki Visions, featuring added special effects skillfully executed by the band’s guitarist, Max van Esch.

The new single marks the pinnacle of their heaviness, pushing boundaries with intense drums, crushing riffs, futuristic ambience, and an eclectic variation of screams the band has shown to date. In addition to his role as the bass player, Rik Bosmans serves as the band’s producer and handles the production, mixing, and mastering of the single.

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