The Halo Effect Plans to Unveil a Track From Their Second Album By the Conclusion of 2023

It appears that The Halo Effect, comprised of five former In Flames members, is gearing up to launch the initial track from their upcoming album by year’s end. In a recent conversation with Peter Iwers on A Swedish Fika, the bassist discussed the potential release date for their new content.

“I believe we will be releasing one new song later this year, and one more, I think, beginning of next. And then we’ll see. I mean, the album is done. It’s recorded and done. And we’ve actually been talking about going in and starting writing new stuff. And then there’s record labels and release plans and everything that comes together that goes beyond our control. So, I’m not 100 percent sure when it will be released, but there is a new record coming, definitely.” Iwers state that.

Devotees of In Flames’ earlier style can anticipate encountering the same iconic melodies and powerful riffs on The Halo Effect’s forthcoming album. Nevertheless, with the band’s newfound creative freedom, there’s also a chance that we’ll be introduced to fresh and pioneering sounds.

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