Can you talk about the purpose of founding the band, you’ve been in many bands before and why did you think of founding this band? How did you start to this project?
The reason I formed this band is my need to play Thrash Metal in the old good way!Each of my band’s has a diferent purpose and stile of music,with Slaughtered Priest I can express my anti-christian feelings.

I see you’ve been in the bands like Necrohell, Sad, Nargothrond, Insidius Infernus. What’s the reason of your being in such a lot band? For instance, SAD is depressive, Necrohell is an agressive band, I couldn’t listen to the other bands, didn’t you think of being in one band and do all of these together in one band?
The only reason for so many bands is that each one of them deals with different kind of music.Insidius Infernus was my first band,we released two albums and then we split up. Then I formed Sad,through Sad I can compose more depressive and melodic Black Metal,and through Necrohell and Nargothrond I can compose more aggressive and unholy Black Metal which I adore too.

Your first album ETERNAL GOAT REIGN sounded like you worshipped to old black metal bands to me, but your new album WORLD WIDE WAR sounds like the thrash metal beast inside of you got out, it’s represented to audience with more quality, more instrument dominance and smooth records…
There was no reason for those two records to be different. Word Wide War is indeed more thrash than Eternal Goat Reign but our influences are the same.We just wanted our second album to be more closely to old Thrash like Razor,Slaughter,Massacre….

The song name ‘Proud To Be Sinner’ is a really nice name, you used that in your web site too, what does ‘Sinner’ refer to really?
Disobedience to the christian laws.

Is it the reason of turning back to old style in black metal in the last era that the big bands like Darkthrone using 80s heavy, speed, punk metal sounds? It seems there’s always a trend and most of bands follow that trend, what do you think about that?
From the very beginning of my music days I always followed old Black Metal.You are right,in our days there is a trend of turning back but I am not a trend follower.

Your album covers have Thrash Metal influence, giving away some clues about the future of your band, will you continue on thrash/black metal or do you plan to get deeper in Thrash Metal style?
Slaughtered Priest will continue on Black/Thrash Metal.

Have you had any concerts? Would you aacept abroad concerts or is it enough with the Greece scene?
We have played live twice,we were support band for Archgoat, Proclamation/Blasphemophager.Ofcource we would accept any offer on playing live abroad.

What are the bounds of your agreement with Time Before Time Records, will they publish your new records?
There is no bound with Time Before Time Records,which by the way is a great label and we are more than satisfied with the release.Time Before Time records is a total blasphemous and pure underground label,and we would be proud if they could release more Slaughtered Priest stuff.

What are the bands you follow and you are a die-hard fan of?
I am an eternal fan of Darkthrone,Horna,Aura Noir,Satanic Warmaster,Craft,Hellhammer,Venom,Celtic Frost,Bathory and many more…

Thank you for all of your answers, if you have any messages to deliver to Turkish black metal fans, there you go…
Thank you for the interview,and….be proud to be a sinner!

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