Salem Trials – Ashes and Ember (Visualizer)

Salem Trials is an alternative metal band from Ottawa, Ontario. Drawing influence from bands such as Fit for an Autopsy, The Acacia Strain and Lorna Shore. ST is an aspiring touring band with goals to take the world by storm.

Band’s comment about this song:

“The first song of their series of singles we are dropping this year in preparation to release our first EP as a full band.

The mix and master were done by Josh Schroeder who has worked with bands such as the Butcher Babies, Lorna Shore, Varials. We decided to go all-in for this and the other songs we have coming for the world and we would like to begin building momentum with this.”

FFO: Fit For An Autopsy, Lorna Shore, The Acacia Strain, Misery Signals

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