Royal Incest – Democracy and Freedom

Democracy and freedom is a song that aims to fight against racism and facism.

Founded in 1992 near Muenster, North Rhine Westfalia, Germany, alternative five-piece Royal Incest recently finished their work on the third full-length baby „Queen of drama“, to be released on May 21st, 2021.

Nine great brand new heavy, sometimes elegiac or edgy emotional tunes, well-cooked by punk & indie rock engineer Gen Skreegl (Addicted to Machines, Slup), have been combined into this outrageous album. The powerful vocals of shouter and guitarist Johannes Hofmann, the heavy steams of the second and third guitar wizards Karl Funnemann and Claus Stephan, and the rhythm section around Christoph Linhoff (bass) and Dominik Lenz (drums) thereby blow the listener away. As far as you cannot see them live right now, the new album is recommended to all as Must Have on vinyl or as a digital version on CD or download/stream for now.

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