Second Choice – Fade away

The band commented on this song:

“This is a slow dark ballad I wrote on acoustic guitar back in the days when I played guitar in a metal band. The song didn’t really fit the type of music we played then. I really wanted to do something with the song so I decided to rearrange it and record it in my home studio. I wanted the song to have a funeral feel to it.

Second Choice is a solo project I started many years ago playing guitar in different metal bands. With Second Choice I wanted to produce music that has a bit more melody, melancholy and atmosphere. Usually, I make all the music and then collaborate with different singers who write the lyrics.

The track Man of Shadow was made in a different way. I wrote it 25 years ago when I played in a metal band. The bass player at the time Joachim Ebertsson had an old recording of it and asked me if I would like to do a new version of it. We did a complete rework on it so it basically became a new song. Joachim and I made all the music and I made all the lyrics and then we asked Berzan to sing on the track.”

Music: Fredrik Lindström

Lyrics: Fredrik Lindström

Production: Fredrik Lindström

Vocals: Berzan Önen

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