Jesus Chrüsler Supercar

JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR will release their debut album “Among The Ruins and Lands“ on 31st Mai 2013 via vönHell Records/Sound Pollution/Rough Trade. The Stockholm trio present us a dirty, hard and kick ass album. With their rough Supreme Swedish Death ‘n‘ Roll they sound like a real bastard of Entombed and Motörhead. “Among The Ruins And Desolate Lands“ was produced in the legendary Sunlight Studio by no one else than Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies …).
Altogether twelve songs blast with a modern pressure. The first single “Killing Machine“ was already released on 30th April 2013 and the appropriate music video came as a real bombshell into the Swedish metal scene what smoothed the way for some of their songs to be played into nationwide radio stations. The songs „Before I Turn You Down“ and „Death Row Blues“ are supported by JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR friend LG Petrov, the frontman of Entombed, on vocals.
“Among The Ruins And Desolate Land“ will be available as CD and download and for friends of good old vinyl there will be a special edition in black gold. This album will create a sensation and finally celebrate the return of Swedish Supreme Death ‘n‘ Roll.

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