FUNEREAL MOON ”Rites Of Black Putrefaction”

The Art Records/Goat Scrotum Records – 2010 – Mexico

Funereal Moon is an underground and dark band from Mexico, they exist since 1994, silent and deep. They have 3 demo, 3 EP, 4 Best Of Compilations, 1 Live Album and 5 Full-Time Albums. “Rites Of Black Putredaction” is the 5th album of the band.

Funereal Moon is a cult and old style black metal band. Album has fast riffs, dirty guitar tones. Echoed, dark and satanic vocal is used and its quality is better than the instruments’ quality. Satanic and dark athmonsphere is supported by ambient parts. I won’t criticise the quality of the recording but I could tell more if guitars could be understood, they are too noisy.

They release just 300 pieces, only die-hard fans should buy it. The ones who hate dirty records should get away…


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