LED TO THE GRAVE ”Led to the Grave”

Self-Released (Ragnarok Records) – 2008 – USA

Led To The Grave is a fresh band, in Massachusetts. They published their first album in 2008 after 2 demos in 2007 and 2008. They are in silence for 2 years, I think they are recording a new demo now.

Band producted album itself, Ragnarok Records and Patac Records are released it. I find this kind of album covers funny. A good recording, production and presentation. In the booklet, they put their posters and lyrics, an underground look but stylish.

“Unholy Thrash Metal!” is what they say in presentation, their genre is thrash metal, like Exodus and Kreator, like old school garage bands. Vocal is classical thrash vocal. Drum is sometimes inadequate. I liked bass guitar most, you can hear it, but not disturbing. I wouldn’t call them creative as they used classical riffs.

But we shouldn’t be pessimistic, this is an album that is worked on, they can do better if they create more improved compositions. I hope they record better products by time. Suggested to the ones who like old school works in thrash metal.


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