Extreminal Weekly Spotify List – 21.03.2021

Cover Band : Thyrfing Presents this weekly playlist to discover new metal bands and singles from all around the world!

This weeks band list : 

Cover Band : Thyrfing 

Traitor : Thrash Metal from Germany

Lastborn :  Post-Metal, Doom Metal from Belarus

Swan Herder :  Sludge/Doom Metal from United Kingdom

Killerkorp :  Death/Thrash Metal from United Kingdom

Default Dimension :  Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore from Spain

Vile Retribition :  Death Metal from Denmark

Shredhammer : Groove/Thrash Metal from Germany

Agnoxia :  Thrash/Death Metal from United States

Thyrfing : Viking/Pagan Black Metal from Sweden

Sol de Sangre :  Death Metal from Colombia

Headcrusher :  Thrash Metal /Metalcore from Colombia

Seth : Black Metal from France

Angelus Apatrida :  Thrash Metal from Spain

Coffins :  Doom/Death Metal from Japan

Shape of Despair :  Doom Metal from Finland

Enforced :  Thrash/Death Metal from United States

Sepulcros :  Doom/Death Metal from Portugal

Incinerate :  Death/Thrash Metal from Belgium

Fuath :  Atmospheric Black Metal from Scotland

Decline of the I :  Post-Metal /Black Metal from France

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