The Glorious Dead – Into Lifeless Shrines

Bindrune Recordings

This is just average at best death metal. Obviously I have 1000’s upon 1000’s of death metal throughout the years and this was just to me another faceless one. They play straight forward death metal the right with crushing riffs, deep dark vocals and mix up the speed with some wicked slower parts. This was just like Death “Leprosy” era, but obviously not as good. If your new to the scene this would be a worthy pick-up, but to a veteran like myself, it is a case of heard it all before and then some.



  1. This reviewer sounds like a bit of a hack. Either that or they didn’t give this album a good listen. Must not know death metal if he can’t distinguish one osdm album from this one. I’ve spun this album a lot and it hasn’t bored me yet. Sure it contains lots of old school death metal elements, and they don’t seem to be reinventing the wheel, but their sound and style is definitely different from any of the osdm bands I’ve heard in the last 10 years. Listen for yourself. This album is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who loves old school death metal with some progressive twists and doom elements.

  2. Sig,
    I have been reviewing bands since 1986 and again they aren’t anything great, but they aren’t anything bad neither. Considering I managed Immolation in the early 90’s I think I know my death metal. To me they just sounded like Death “Leprosy” era style death metal. I am glad you enjoy them and again we will agree to disagree.

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