EXILE ”Dead Thrashers Rising”

Demo – 2009 – Jordan

There are lots of bands from Jordan who communicated with us, Exile is one of them. There are young, talented people in Exile who really devote themselves to this work. Exile reminds me of a mix of thrash and heavy metal and sometimes of Kreator in late 80’s and early 90’s. The recording is very successful, everything is neat for a demo, and instrument ability is on its peak.

A 17:15 minute demo, consists of 4 songs. Lyrics are generally about the problems of world, thus critical. The song Dead Thrashers Rising has lyrics that can be regarded as respect to the roots. The cover of the album reminds of the covers of Iron Maiden in 80’s but a lot of thrash/speed metal bands in that time released albums and demos with covers like that.

In short, Jordanian band is promising. This is not a thrash metal with a thunder but I like it. I recommend the vocalist to focus more on these works and wish them good luck for their future works.


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